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This is also done from the upstream server, and after synchronization, the groups will appear on the replica servers. those groups will be present on all the WSUS servers, but this is just the way it works.

wsus server not updating client status-11

In the bellow picture you can see the OU’s from my lab environment. I named them that way so you can make a better image of what’s going on.

As you can see I created OU’s for my branch offices and for the HQ and in every one of them there are computers belonging to that office. I don’t want computers to update at the same time on all offices.

Another important setting before we click Next, is to check the box This is a replica of the upstream server.

Enabling the box is what makes this WSUS server act as a replica server for another one.

I forgot to tell at the beginning of the guide that there is another mode (beside replica mode) in which a WSUS server can run, Autonomousmode.

Is similar to replica mode, but the WSUS servers can be configured individually.If you try to approve them from one of the replica servers, you are out of luck. On this one the option to approve updates for clients is working just fine.Once you approve the required updates, they will be downloaded locally on the WSUS server (if set so).The main office WSUS server is running on Windows server 2012 and this is what I’m going to deploy on the branch offices to.Windows 7 and Windows 8 clients are running on these branch offices.They are not inheriting settings and approved updates from an upstream server, they only download updates form it.

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