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A divorce attorney in Collierville may be able to help you explore these options.

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When seeking divorce help for men in Collierville, you may be reminded that these are completely normal feelings and experiences.

As a divorce attorney may tell you, no two divorces are the same, but they all may share some common threads.

This advice also applies to interacting with a new love interest in your ex-wife’s life.

It can be a difficult thing for many fathers to grasp – seeing their children interacting with their mother’s new boyfriend.

So they get along really well.” Alas, if anonymous sources aren't there for your convincing, Woods, full of candour, told magazine all about his relationship with Nordegren: “She’s one of my best friends,” he said.

“We’re able to pick up the phone, and we talk to each other all the time.We both know that the most important things in our lives are our kids.When dealing with your ex-wife and who she dates, there are many emotions and situations that you may experience.It could even help reduce some of the stress children may feel during the divorce if their parents are getting along compared to if there is constant animosity between their parents and/or one parent and the other’s new partner.However, if you believe your ex-wife’s new love interest is having a negative impact on your child’s life or poses a danger to your child, you may be able to request a change to your parenting agreement or child custody arrangement.It was November 2009 when, after a report detailing her husband’s alleged infidelity, a then 29-year-old Elin Nordegren impersonated Tiger Woods over text messages on his phone.

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